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Autoclave Temperature Sensors

Our Autoclave RTDs are completely sealed. As a result, the entire sensor assembly of the Thermometrics, Autoclave RTD, including the probe and cables extending from the RTD, can be completely submerged in water without affecting accuracy or long-term stability.

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Autoclave Sensors are designed for use in sterilization systems which require accurate temperature measurement.

There are three basic autoclave cycles;

1. Gravity or "Fast Exhaust" cycle - For dry goods, glassware, etc. This cycle charges the chamber with steam and holds it at a set temperature for a set period of time. At the end of the cycle a valve opens and the chamber rapidly returns to atmospheric pressure. Drying time may also be added to the end of the cycle.

2. Liquid or "Slow exhaust" cycle - Used to prevent sterilized liquids from boiling, steam is exhausted slowly at the end of the cycle, allowing the liquids (which will be super-heated) to cool.

3. Pre-Vacuum cycle - For porous materials, animal bedding, etc. This cycle partially evacuates the chamber prior to introducing steam for greater steam penetration. Pre-vacuum cycles are not available on all machines.

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Thermocouple SensorsThermocouple Sensors
Temperature sensor types include T, J, E, N, R, S, B, W5 in Standard and Special Limits tolerances in accordance with ASTM E230, Simple configurations can ship within 1 day, while complex assemblies are commonly manufactured by our on-site machine shop can ship within 3 days.
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Sanitary Flanged SensorsSanitary Flanged Sensors
Our autoclave sensors have a temperature range of –100 to 200ºC and are sealed for severe steam service. The sensor accuracy at 121ºC is ± 0.3ºC and is available as a Pt 100 ohm, 0.125” O.D. high polish sheath x 5” long with 60” of lead wire.
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Instrumentation Wire and CableInstrumentation Wire and Cable
RTD & Thermocouple cable are available with a variety of insulations &temperature ranges for use in Autoclave applications. 20 AWG wire with TFE Teflon Fused Tape insulation has a range to 260°C. This is used to prevent moisture migration thru the wire when steam seal is critical.
Temperature TransmittersSignal Conditioners
Low Cost programable In Head and DIN Rail 2 wire temperature transmitters accept RTD and Thermocouple inputs with no hardware changes. Linear output, 4-20mA with a typical accuracy of 0.15% of span. Easy to use Windows software confiqures transmitters in seconds with or without power supply.
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